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Interview with Mr Michael Nonis, resident of Braddell Heights Zone B RC
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New Media Champions (NMC)

Braddell Heights NMCs were appointed by the Advisers last year. Their role is to explore the use of new media tools, or Web 2.0, to enhance grassroots outreach and engage residents in community bonding.

The objectives of NMCs are to spearhead new media initiatives in the constituency, jointly or individually, through an existing community portal or by creating a new one. The NMCs would need to refine the approaches and strategies as they start engaging residents through new media.

Through many existing applications such as Facebook, Flickr and YouTube, NMCs are able to engage online residents, and for residents to interact with one another on common issues of interest to the community e.g. local food or heritage, volunteering or improvements in the community.

Using new media creates an opportunity for NMCs and grassroots leaders to engage with residents who are active in the cyberworld, and invite them to their grassroots events, and to "realise virtual groups" so that together they could integrate the virtual and real world as one.


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